Sound & Video.

Feeding (October 2015)

An experimental sound piece of animals feeding, and sounds of a dinner party in which guests are tied into a wearable tablecloth/bib, attempting to eat.
This piece was shown alongside field notes of various of these tablecloth/bib happenings, photographs documenting the happenings, and the tablecloth itself pinned to the wall.

I made these pieces for a Summer residency which culminated in an exhibition: The Art of Nuisance with Miss Pokeno and The Sisters of Perpetual Resistence.


2854 Stitches (March 2015)

I have played with the idea of ritualistic personal tasks, cut to the rhythm of knitting needles clicking and touching together. With this piece I attempt to explore my own personal link between mental health illness and repetitive, mundane, domestic actions.


The Fluffening (January 2015)

My first ever sound piece, created using Audacity and a selection of virtual synthsisers.
In collaboration with Death By Fluff, this piece was played in an installation space for Wimbledon Options Festival, built to immerse the viewer in an uncanny child like fantasy/nightmare world. The walls were covered in fabric, and the floor was covered in stuffing-reminiscent of a womb. The soundscape was designed to go alongside an experimental video piece which told the story of being born/falling down the rabbit hole.


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